If the rev of the engine excites you and adventure is your middle name, come riding with us to places that test your mettle equally as the horse power in your vehicle. From motor expeditions to trips in unexplored destinations, from tarmac to raw river beds and snow-filled roads, we take you on journeys that will forever be etched in your memory.

Whether you are a group of motor enthusiasts or an automobile company looking for something different, Explore Miles is the name to count on! We take pride in having been associated over the years with big names in the automobile industry like Isuzu Motors and Tata Motors. We have also been working closely with Private Clubs like Miles Ahead, Hogs, MudMax Truckers, and SOUL to name a few.

Akhil being the motorsport enthusiast himself has formed Team Winning Wheels that participates and organizes motorsport events like rallies, autocross events and sprints. We also arrange off-roading events, speed sprints, cross-country expeditions, sales promotion/test drive events, auto blogging and auto photography.

We facilitate off-roading and professional dirt trackracing to quench your speed thirst at The Adventure Park, famously known as TAP, in Sohna, Gurgaon.

Adventure Off Roading Trips